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This is a review on… The Last Summer (Of You & Me)

Possible spoilers

This book is written by Ann Brashares, the author who wrote the Traveling Pants series. This is her first adult novel, and I simply loved it. Judging on the cover, you might think this is a love story. While this book does have romance, it’s mainly a story about the relationship between adult sisters Riley and Alice, and their friend Paul.

Summary: Every year since they were kids, Riley and Alice have spent the summer at their parents’ modest beach house on Fire Island. Every summer, there was Paul, a close friend to both of the girls. Now in their twenties, Riley and Alice live on Fire Island full-time. After three years of being away from Fire Island, Paul’s returned. His return brings unexpected changes and attractions that will put three friends into an unfamiliar world, where their old summers can no longer protect them.

This novel is told in third-person, and it contains flashbacks detailing Riley’s and Alice’s closeness, and their relationship with Paul. The ending is sad and there is a death. I won’t say who dies, but there’s a medical tragedy with a female character, and she does not survive.

The writing is easy, and it flows nicely. Every plot (the romance and tragedy) is resolved at the end; there aren’t any loose ends, and the ending won’t leave you with more questions than answers. When I read the back summary and realized the main characters were a boy and two girls, I was worried the book would be about Paul struggling to choose between Riley and Alice. I was very glad that this wasn’t the case at all. There are three hundred six pages in the book, so it’s not terribly long. If you like romances and if sad endings don’t bother you, pick up this book!


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