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Eleventh Year

This is a review on…Eleven by Lauren Myracle


This book is about a girl named Winnie Perry, and her adventures throughout her eleventh year. The story begins in March (events are told by month of the year) on Winnie’s eleventh birthday. The story ends in March, in preparation for her twelfth birthday.

For Winnie, the eleventh year is all about change. It’s her last year of elementary school, her sister is a big grumpy teenager, and her best friend starts to make friends with a new “girlier” girl, whom Winnie does not like. Crazy adventures come every month, including a cat getting trapped in the wall, a crush getting pink-eye, and Winnie growing closer to a girl named Dinah, whom she’d never really talked to up until this point.

By the end of her eleventh year, Winnie has a new best friend and she’s looking forward to her twelfth birthday.


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