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Twelfth Year

This is a review on….Twelve by Lauren Myracle

This is the sequel to “Eleven”, and Winnie’s adventures with her new best friend are continued. The story opens up on Winne’s twelfth birthday in March. Events are told by the month, and events include her family, and her ex-BFF. Winnie deals with “developing”, though she doesn’t feel ready; pierced ears; junior high… The story ends in March, preparing Winnie for her thirteenth birthday.

Junior high freaks Winnie out, but she eventually overcomes her fears, especially when she meets a girl in P.E., and a boy becomes interested in her. There aren’t a lot of scenes with her family, but her sister plays an important role in this novel. Throughout the year, Winnie changes emotionally and socially, so that she is ready to become a teenager.


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