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Title: Alice McKinley Series

Author: Phyllis Reynolds Naylor

The Alice McKinley series is about a girl growing up in Maryland without her mom. Her family includes her dad and her older brother Lester.  The first book, The Agony of Alice, was published in 1985, and the books are still being written. The last book is going to published in 2013. The latest book is Alice in Charge. The story is told through Alice’s eyes.

The Alice books cover many different topics a girl without her mom might deal with. Alice’s dad tries to help Alice grow up to the best of his ability, but he doesn’t know much about teenage girls; and Lester usually answers Alice’s questions sarcastically. Topics addressed in these books are sex, religion, gay/lesbian teenagers, school, friendship, and marriage. Alice’s main goal is to find a female role model (with eventually success), but she directs girl questions to her aunt Sally or her cousin Carol.

Besides her dad and Lester, two other main characters are Elizabeth Price and Pamela Jones, Alice’s best friends.

I first heard about this series when my aunt sent me a package of books out of the blue, and one of the books was The Agony of Alice. I read the back and it sounded good, so I began reading it.

The Alice books are banned in many school libraries because of their sexual content and religious phrases.


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