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Online Revenge

This is a review on…Kiss & Blog by Alyson Noël


This book is about a girl named Winter Simmons who lives in Laguna Beach with her best friend Sloane. Winter and Sloane didn’t do so good with the social scene in the ninth-grade, so they make a pact to not go unnoticed in their sophomore-year. They make a promise that whoever gets in first will bring the other one along with them. This promise is easier said than done.

After Sloane gets into the cool group and ends her friendship with Winter, Winter takes revenge by announcing all of Sloane’s dirty little secrets on an anonymous blog. To make sure her identity (and Sloane’s) is shielded, Winter calls herself Eleanor Rigby, and Sloane is Princess Pink, or P.P.  The blog is called The Gospel of Eleanor Rigby. Much to Winter’s surprise, the blog becomes popular with everyone at school, and everyone’s wondering who Eleanor really is. Eventually Winter’s sister Autumn figures it out and she promises to keep the secret.

I really liked this book. It’s easy to read, and it’s only two hundred and twenty-seven (227) pages. It has a few bad words (mostly the ex-friends calling each other ‘bitch, and the occasional ‘what the fuck’), but nothing to horrible. There’s romance and a non-descriptive sex scene between Winter and a boy she meets in New York. There’s reference to the sixties because Winter’s mom is fascinated with the 60’s.  Even though this book is about Winter and Sloane parting and there’s romance, it’s mainly a story about Winter starting the blog for revenge against Sloane.

This is the second Alyson Noël book I’ve read, and I give it a 4/5. The reason for the 4 is because even though I loved the plot and ending (which I won’t give away!), I find it hard to believe that everyone in Laguna Beach was reading the blog and they had no idea who Eleanor was, or who she was writing about.

If you like a sweet taste of revenge dished out in a new fashion, pick up this book!


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