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On August 19th, I wrote an entry about my Make-A-Wish trip to Disney World. I got a comment on part one, and that reader is eagerly waiting for part 2, so I figured I’d write it tonight.

The Make-A-Wish people fixed it so we could be first for every ride. The  ‘no waiting’ rule was so cool! I loved Cinderella’s carousel and Dumbo the Flying Elephant. It was hot in Florida, and I got a mouse ears hat, and had Cinderella and Minnie Mouse sign it. At a souvenir shop, I got a Magic Kingdom T-shirt. Now, three years later, I wear that shirt frequently. On the Dumbo ride, I rode with my mom, with my brothers behind us, and behind them, my sisters. That ride was run because in addition to it going around, you could make your individual Dumbo go up. I’m not exactly a big fan of heights, but that was still fun.

Florida nights were cooler than Florida days, so at night we went in the outdoor pool at our hotel. The pool’s bottom was sandy, so my sister and I played in the sand with green pails and blue shovels the pool provided.

On our sixth and final night in Florida, I was sad that we’d be leaving the next day but I had fun on our trip. On of the very absolute best parts was, believe it or not, the limo ride to the Baltimore airport on August 15th, 2007.

The End


Comments on: "Walt Disney World: Part 2" (1)

  1. Theresa said:

    That really was a fantastic trip, thanks for writing the second part. I like your new blog theme too!

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