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Blue Moon

This is a review on…Blue Moon by Alyson Noël

Spoiler (and I spill the ending).

Blue Moon is the second book in the Immortals series, and it follows sixteen-year-old Ever Bloom’s transition into an immortal, and the understanding of her new powers. Ever’s powers are increasing (she can now manifest things and perform psychokinesis), but Damen’s are fading. He’s losing the ability to manifest things, and he’s slowly losing his charm.

A new character is introduced then, and he’s a transfer student at Bay View, where Ever and Damen are in the eleventh-grade. The new kid’s name is Roman, and despite his obvious charm, from the moment Ever first meets him she doesn’t trust him at all. Haven thinks Ever just hates new people but Ever refuses to budge, thinking there’s something weird about him. She turns out to be right: Roman is an immortal rogue who is poising Damen.

Ever, who is freaked out about Damen’s weird behavior, goes to talk to Ava, as Ava is the only person she knows who can help. Ava and Ever travel to Summerland, which is described in the book as being this shimmering field with pulsating trees and flowers that shiver. Once in Summerland, Ever meets twin girls Romy and Rayne, and they lead her to the Great Halls of Learning, where her answer lies. Ever thinks the twins are weird in the way they act; one positive, one negative.

Romy and Rayne are sketchily developed, and Ever doesn’t trust them, but toward the end of the book Rayne reveals that she and her sister know Riley, and Riley asked Romy and Rayne to look after Ever; and Rayne says they know Damen, and that he helped them once.

In Summerland, Ever learns that Roman is poising Damen, but in a way that is causing Damen to loss all his psychic skills, his memory, and eventually he’ll end up dead. The thing is, Ever knows that there’s only one way to kill an immortal (aim for their weakest chakra), but according to what Roman’s up to, he knows another way to kill an immortal. Roman’s way is to poison the elixir, which is the weird red liquid that grants immortality. After a person has been drinking the elixir for a while, they become dependent on it. Roman’s poising the elixir in a way that’s not only killing Damen, but also reversing his immortality.

In Summerland, Ever gains access to a text revealing the workings of time. With an approaching blue moon as her only window for time travel, Ever is forced to decide between staying in the present and saving Damen; or going back to the past and saving her family from the accident the claimed them. Ever chooses to save her family, but with Ava’s help she uses all these herbs and makes new, poison-free elixir for Damen, even though she doesn’t believe it’ll be necessary. As she is making the elixir, Ever has a theory: Once she goes back to her old life in Oregon, everything else will go back, so it’ll be like her life in California never even occurred. The elixir Ever’s making is her back-up plan, just in case she’s the only one that goes back in time. Ever’s counting on Ava to pick up the pieces, so to speak.

So Ever goes to back to Oregon, and she does everything all over again: She babysits Riley while her parents go out as she had before the accident; and the next day she goes camping with her family. While cleaning up their campsite, Ever can’t shake the feeling that something’s missing, or that there’s something she’s supposed to be doing, but she doesn’t know what that something is. Riley approaches and tells Ever to hurry up, then she asks if Ever has her sky-blue Pinecone Lake cheerleading camp sweatshirt, which she had forgotten the first time around. However, in her dad’s SUV on the way home, Riley somehow freezes time and says Ever can’t go back, that she can’t change the past. Riley says it was destiny: she, Buttercup, and their parents were meant to die; Ever was meant to live. So Ever goes back to the present and she finds Damen.

Rayne has made a circle to protect Damen and keep Ever out, but Roman’s there, and he says Ever needs to cut herself so they can add her blood to the antidote so she can save Damen. But Rayne yells at Ever, saying Roman’s a liar, his intentions aren’t good, and that it’s a trick. Ever turns her back on Rayne, listens to Roman, and adds her blood to the elixir. Only one thing Roman said was true: After Ever left, Ava took the elixir and fled town, leaving Damen to die.

Unfortunately, Rayne was right: Roman tricked Ever. By adding her blood to the mix, it saves Damen, but it also ensures that they can never be together.

I really liked this book and it was a good sequel. It is slightly shorter than Evermore (289 pages). I really liked the family day scene when she went back to Oregon, and the ending of this book was good. It was suspenseful and had me waiting for the third book in the series, Shadowland. Unfortunately, Shadowland got a little weird for me, and I wasn’t crazy about it. I’ll review that later, though.


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