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I decided to do the 2011 Post A Week challenge. I knew I couldn’t remember to post daily, so I’ll post weekly on Fridays.  I picked Friday as my posting day because I decided to do this just today, and when I looked at the calendar, I saw it was Friday (I tend to often forget what day it is!).

To start off the challenge, I’m posting a poem that I wrote just last night. I have a lot of free time to write, but so far it’s been nothing more than stories. I wrote a poem once in the sixth-grade; since then, I haven’t written a verse. Poetry comes easy to some people, I suppose. Unfortunately, I am not one of those people.

I have a fascination and obsession with donuts. Last night I was checking out this donut website and seeing all the crazily designed donuts got me inspired. If you want to see the crazily designed donuts, go to the website, click on “Specialty Donuts” and enjoy.

Anyway, here is the donut poem. It’s a cinquain. Cinquains are five-line poems, and every line has its own special rule. The first line is the title. The second line is two words that describe the title. The third line is three action words about the title. The fourth line is four words that describe a thought or a feeling about the title. The fifth and final line is a synonym of the title. Without further ado, I present Donut:


Delighful, yummy

Choosing, biting, tasing

A great little snack


I hope you liked my little poem, and I’ll update again next week.


Comments on: "Weekly Post (and poetry)" (2)

  1. Theresa said:

    We definitely have to go to the Fractured Prune!

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