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Jodi Picoult

Warning: Spoilers!

For my ninth 2011 weekly post, I’m going to be doing something a little bit different. I have reviewed three Jodi Picoult books- My Sister’s Keeper, Change of Heart, and Sing You Home. Since I like her books so much, I decided to list  the reasons I like her books.

1. The topics. In every book, there’s a controversial issue. Gay rights. Abortion. Death penalty. Medical emancipation. Seeing God. Picoult’s topics really make you think, and question your previous opinions about that particular subject.

2. The research. It’s obvious Picoult does her research diligently. She answers all potential questions about a topic, and more. On her website (, she tells you about the research she’s done for each of her books.

3. The characters. The main characters are usually complex. You think you have a certain character figured out, but then her next action catches you completely off guard. You think you know what a character will say next, but her remark leaves you speechless.

4. The endings. There’s always a twist at the end, or the ending is unexpected. Like in Handle With Care when Charlotte won the lawsuit, but Willow drowned. Or in My Sister’s Keeper you obviously think Kate will die (given that she is sick), but Anna dies. I usually try to predict the ending, and I end up wrong.

5. The lawsuits. The lawsuits are the best element of a Picoult book. It’s interesting what some of the characters will sue for, and it’s even more interesting to see who will win.

6. The narration. One of my favorite things about a Picoult book is that the story is told in multiple voices. Each chapter is told by a different character. If the novel centers around a family, you usually hear from the prominent main character, her parents, any siblings she has, and her lawyer.


Comments on: "Jodi Picoult" (3)

  1. Writing about one of my favorite authors I think you did a fantastic job of covering why she is so popular. Congrats on another very well-written post!

  2. ps-since I haven’t read the book yet I’m still saving your Sing You Home post to read…;)

  3. Jodi Picoult is one of my favorite authors. I think you did a great job of capturing why!

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