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Faking 19

Title: Faking 19

Author: Alyson Noël

Warning: Spoilers!

Spring break is finally here! And to start it off, I’m going to review Faking 19 by Alyson Noël.

Faking 19 is about a high-school senior named Alexandra “Alex” Sky, and her adventures during senior-year. Alex’s grades are suffering, her parents are divorced, and she’s working to earn some money since her father doesn’t pay child support. Alex’s best friend is a girl named Madison whom everyone calls M. Alex and M are bored with their life in Newport Beach, California (it’s a small town) so they make frequent weekend trips to Los Angeles.

One day while shopping in L.A., Alex meets a British guy named Connor, who is really cute—at least according to her. M meets a guy named Trevor, and he turns out to be Connor’s friend. After finding out Connor’s age, Alex lies to him and claims she’s nineteen, hence the title.

Meanwhile, Alex’s guidance counselor at school, Mrs. Gross, warns her that if she doesn’t bring up her grades, she will not be graduating with her class. Alex blows her off, thinking Mrs. Gross is just trying to scare her. Even if she does bring up her grades, Alex won’t be able to go to college, since her father will not pay for it, and her mom works like crazy and they barely manage to get by.

Alex finally reaches a point where she figures that if her grades suck and if she can’t go to college anyway, she should just give up. And give up she does. She stops going to school and instead spends most of her time with Connor, M, and Trevor, going to hip Hollywood parties in the evenings and on the weekends, and going shopping during the day.  

One day, Alex goes to Connor’s house on a school night, they have sex (nothing descriptive), and Alex wakes up in a panic the next day.  When Connor suggests she take the day off (thinking she’s in college), she breaks down and tells him the truth, and says that she can’t ditch school today. She tells him she’s sorry that she lied, and Connor says that although Alex is fun to be with, he doesn’t know if he can keep hanging out with her since he’s twenty-three and in America on business. So they break up.

This was a really good book. I enjoyed the characters (M was my fave!) and it’s basically a story about two girls who come from different backgrounds trying to remain friends during senior-year.  One thing interesting about this book is the celebrity references. The book was published in 2005, so I’d never heard of any of the people. The book will say a certain character has hair that resembles a certain celebrity’s. All in all, a very good book, and I’ll review something again next week!


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  1. Glad you made time from the DS to post 😉

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