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Title: TTFN

Author: Lauren Myracle

Warning: Spoilers (and I spill the ending!)

I am so glad it’s Friday! I have reviewed three books by Lauren Myracle before, but this one is not connected to any of her books that I reviewed.

TTFN is a story told in instant messages. It’s about three friends (Angela Silver (SnowAngel), Madigan “Maddie” Kinnick (madmaddie), and Zoe Barrett (zoegirl)), and their ups and downs of their junior-year of high-school. Angela’s moving across the country to California, Maddie experiments with pot, and Zoe falls for Angela’s old boyfriend Doug.

Angela’s parents have been having private discussions lately, and clamming up whenever Angela and her twelve-year-old sister Chrissy ask them what’s going on. Angela thinks her parents are buying her car, but unfortunately, her dad got fired a month ago, and while the girls thought he was at work, he was meeting with his career counselor and filling out job applications. This company in El Cerrito, California, offers him a job. Angela flies out to California on Thanksgiving so the family can see El Cerrito before they make up their minds against it. Ultimately, Mr. Silver takes the job and the family moves.

After moving to California, Angela meets her dad’s new boss’s daughter, a clueless sixteen-year-old named Glendy. Unfortunately for Angela, her dad’s boss drives the girls to high-school, and Glendy has attached herself to Angela. Angela misses her old friends, and no one at her school will talk to her. Finally, Angela decides enough is enough, and she tells Glendy to leave her alone. Glendy calls Angela a bitch and she does as she’s asked. Depressed and fed up, Angela cuts school early, buys a one-way bus ticket, and hops on a Greyhound to Atlanta.

Maddie goes to her cousin Donovan’s wedding and she ends up making out in the corner with this boy named Clive, who she calls Chive. Chive is a junior, like Maddie, but he goes to a different school. He is a big pot head, and he gets Maddie hooked. Soon Maddie falls for Chive, but there’s one problem: He has a girlfriend. Chive’s girlfriend is a whiny blonde girl named Whitney, who is basically the exact opposite of Maddie. They can’t be that serious, though, because Maddie and Chive occasionally hook up. Maddie finally tells Chive how she really feels about him, he tells her he’s with Whitney, and they stop seeing each other.

Zoe gets a job at a childcare place, and her fellow coworker is Doug, Angela’s ex-boyfriend. Slowly, Zoe falls for him, which is bad. Since Angela’s her friend, it makes Doug off-limits to Zoe. Zoe confides in Maddie, but she doesn’t want to tell Angela, since her life in California is sucky. Maddie thinks Zoe should just tell Angela, because if she doesn’t and Angela finds out she’ll be pissed. Maddie says she won’t say anything because she doesn’t want to be involved. Zoe finally tells Angela about Doug, and after awhile she decides she’s okay with it.

There’s a subplot with Maddie and Zoe. Maddie is not a person to think twice before acting, and she kinda breaks the rules. Zoe is a good girl who does whatever her parents tell her. She’s sixteen and she’s never broken a rule. Because of this, Maddie calls Zoe a wimp, and therefore dares her to tell someone to “shut the hell up,” as long as it’s not her or Angela. This begins a war of the dares, and finally Zoe gives Maddie a dare—she has to tell Chive how she really feels about him.

This was a pretty good book. It was interesting because it was told completely in IMs, but that was also a drawback—without a narrator, you don’t have much background information on the characters. You don’t know what they look like, what their hobbies are, and what their families are like, unless they talk about it in one of their IMs. The book was only two hundred fifty-six pages, and easy to read.

 My fave character was Maddie, and my least fave character was Zoe. To me, Zoe seems like a too perfect goodie-goodie. She’s the good girl—straight As, never disobeys her parents, never breaks the rules (well, until the dares start), etc. By the time you’re sixteen, you should be able to say you’re broken a rule or two, or just done something bad.

I would recommend this book, and I’ll update again next week.


Comments on: "TTFN" (3)

  1. This book sounds very interesting in that it is written in IMs. I think, like you, I would have a hard time not knowing much about the characters. Good review.

  2. This is yet another book that I haven’t read but as time goes by your writing skills are definitely getting stronger…very proud of you 😀

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