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                     Title: The Robert Pattinson Album

Author: Paul Stenning

It is Friday the thirteenth, which is a day of bad luck—or so they say. If you’ve had bad luck today here’s some good luck—my blog post! My seventeenth post is special. This week I’m reviewing The Robert Pattinson Photo Album because today is Robert Pattinson’s twenty-fifth birthday! I’m not sure how I can give a summary about this because it’s not a story, but I’m going to try.

This book is about Robert Pattinson’s life. It’s filled with pictures of him, a few of them black-and-white. There are nine chapters of this book, not counting the introduction.

 The first chapter is mainly the basic facts—where and when he was born, what his parents did, his education, his family, etc. Some basic facts are that Robert is the youngest of three kids (his older sisters are Elizabeth and Victoria), he wasn’t good at school (he won an untidy desk award), and the first time he was in a school play was when he was six years old.

The second chapter is about how he got into the theatre—he and his dad saw some pretty girls at a café, and Robert and his dad asked them where they came from. He got a small part in Guys and Dolls, and in the next play he did he got the lead and he got his agent. Robert did a little bit of modeling when he was twelve.

The third chapter is about his role as Cedric Diggory in Harry Potter, his music career, and a movie called The Haunted Airman (which I’ve never seen). In The Haunted Airman, Robert plays a World War II pilot who gets shot and ends up paralyzed.

The fourth chapter talks about a movie called The Summer House (which I’ve never seen), but the book says it’s about a boy who moves to France and tries to get his girlfriend back after being unfaithful. It also mentions a movie called How to Be, and Robert has the lead role—he plays a character named Art. The movie is about Art and he was recently dumped by his girlfriend, so he moves in with his parents and persuades a Canadian self-help guru to travel to London and help him rebuild his life.

The fifth chapter is all about a movie called Little Ashes, and Robert (who played the lead) says it’s the first part he’s played where he’s had to really think. He plays someone named Dali.

The sixth chapter is about his role in Twilight. He hadn’t even read the books when he heard about the audition, but he flew to California and auditioned on the director’s bed (they acted out the kissing scène). When he got the part, fans actually protested.

The seventh chapter is about how he played Edward. Robert and Stephenie Meyer (author of Twilight) actually disagreed on the character of Edward. Robert thought Edward was just really depressed, and Stephenie would jump in and correct him. She’d give him an explanation on why he is the way he is. Finally, ignoring Stephenie’s wishes and discussions about what Edward was like, Robert played the character his own way.

The eighth chapter is about all the fans of Twilight and all the people screaming at him. Robert said he can’t walk down the street without being spotted, and the fact that everyone wants a piece of him is kinda scary.

The ninth and final chapter is basically about what Robert hopes to do in the future. He hopes to stay in the acting business, but he wants to pursue a music career.

I really liked this book. I got it from Christmas. I’m not sure what chapter was my fave, probably the second chapter. I really liked the pictures in the book. There are over seventy-five pics in the book. Another great thing that came from reading this book is that I have new movies I can watch. 


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  1. That’s interesting, I thought it was just a photo book when it’s actually a bit of a biography. I also remember your big smile when you got that book for Christmas 🙂

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