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I saw the Daily Post for the ten things to do this summer. Since I couldn’t think of anything to review this weekend, I deiced to do this. This list was hard for me to write, because the only thing I’m usually interested in is buying books and movies, and I’ve already bought everything on my list. It was also hard because I don’t set goals for myself. My list is in no particular order.

1. Pierce my navel. You have to be sixteen to get your navel pierced where I live, so this has to wait a few more weeks.

2. Buy Dreamland by Alyson Noël. I love the Riley Bloom series (I’ve read and reviewed the first two books, Radiance and Shimmer).

3. Read Everlasting—the last book in the Immortals Series by Alyson Noël. Even though I haven’t read a book in the series since Shadowland (thanks to the terrible ending), I want to know how the series ended overall. I won’t buy the book, but I’ll borrow it from the library.

4. Convince my friends to get a Facebook account so we can stay connected during the summer—I hate talking on the phone. I’m more of an e-mail/Facebook person than a caller.

5. Put together my beads for Beads of Courage. Beads of Courage is a nonprofit organization that gives beads to kids with serious illnesses. You get different for overcoming medical obstacles.

6. Decide on the type of cake I want. Icing Smiles is a nonprofit organization that provides custom designed cakes to children who have serious illnesses. The cakes are amazing and since my birthday is in twenty-four days, I need ideas.

7. Mop the kitchen floor. It sounds crazy, but I really like to mop. It’s the only chore that I don’t really mind doing.

8. Make tuna salad. I really like tuna fish, and tuna salad is awesome. I really like tuna salad on sandwiches.

9. Pass Spanish. I’m not good for the whole foreign language thing, and I have to have two years of foreign language in order to graduate high-school. I’m in my second year of Spanish, second semester, but I might have to retake the class next year.

10. Not to get dragged into anymore top ten lists. This list was so hard to write because I wanted to set reasonable goals but I had a difficult time thinking of goals that weren’t too easy to accomplish, but weren’t too hard either. 


Comments on: "Top Ten Things To Do This Summer" (2)

  1. I would go crazy if my friends weren’t on Facebook!

  2. Good post, I had a difficult time with my list too! I’m excited about #1, #5 you finished today, need to buy a new mop for #7, and remind to get the items needed for #8. I kind of agree with you on #10 😉

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