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Unfortunately, I have to say I’ve never been thrown food at anyone and I’ve never been in a food fight. I have always wanted to, though. One of my dreams is of starting a food fight in the school cafeteria. The food fight would probably happen for a reason—I don’t want it to be random. The reason for the food fight would be get a little crazy and to just have fun.

 This food fight would be every man/woman for himself/herself. Trays could be used as shields, and forks would be used to fling mashed potatoes across the room. The cafeteria doors would all be locked so that the adults can’t come in and ruin the fun. I would confiscate all they keys to the cafeteria.

I’d probably even have special food delivered for this fight like cheesecake, donuts, and pudding. I’d want really expensive food, like steak, lobster, and salmon. People could come to the fight with food, but they would have to share their supplies.

The whole school would be present for this food fight. I’d probably invite people from other schools to join in the fun, because the more people involved in the fight, the bigger the end mess will be. I would make sure to have plenty of pies at this party, because I’ve always wanted to be pied. I’d get the food fight started by throwing a cheesecake at someone.

Something that I would ban from my food fight—besides adults—is a change of clothes, or clothes so that outfits can be protected. If you were going to be in my food fight, you couldn’t worry about your outfit, because my food fight would be extreme. There would be no eating allowed at this food fight. Anyone caught eating would be pied and then banned from the food fight.

After the food fight, all the kids would leave the building immediately, the cafeteria keys would magically appear, and the adults would be left to clean up the mess. 

The picture is from the Lizzie McGuire episode, “She Said, He Said, She Said,” which involves a food fight.


Comments on: "Would You Ever Throw Food At Someone?" (2)

  1. I like this, it kind of sounds like the ultimate food fight 😀

  2. I think, as a food fight dessert, it should be topped off with a pillow fight using only feather pillows!

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