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Book Types

I was going to review Dreamland by Alyson Noël, but I don’t have it. The Borders near my house is closing and the Barnes and Noble didn’t have the book, so my mom ordered for me off Amazon, and I haven’t gotten it yet. So I decided to post about books I usually go for.

1. Interesting covers. When looking for new books to read, I tend to go for cover design. I like colourful covers, or covers with symbols on them that make you want to read the book to find out what the symbol means.

2. Series. I like to read series, and I like to read the books in order so I don’t miss anything important. This can suck if the whole series isn’t out; you have a lot of waiting time in between books.

3. Similar themes. If I like one book with a particular theme, like vampires or supernaturality, I tend to look for new books with similar ideas. I read book summaries and while I’m reading, I’m on the lookout for key words.

So this was just a short thing on books I go for. Hopefully my book will arrive soon and I can review it next week.


Comments on: "Book Types" (2)

  1. I like to look for books written by the authors of other books I’ve liked. Most off the time I do that, I’m not disappointed.

  2. I too tend to go with authors I’ve previously enjoyed. I think themes or subjects of books are important as well.

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