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This isn’t a book review; it’s something I thought about when I was rereading Radiance.  I was thinking about the ways Ever and Riley Bloom are similar and different, and about their relationship in general. They’re not exactly close in age; Ever’s sixteen and Riley’s twelve, and their relationship isn’t the best before their annual family day.

All Riley wants is to be thirteen, and it’s implied that her birthday is coming up soon but she dies before the big day. Ever says Riley won’t leave her alone and that she keeps butting into her life; Riley claims Ever is bossy and lives to torment her. Their relationship is changed by the accident.

After that tragedy, they start to help each other out. After Riley leaves at the end of the first book, she’s still watching out for Ever. Ever is on the lookout for any signs of Riley’s presence, especially since she promised Ever to send a sign from the afterlife, something to show that she’s all right.

Ever also says that Riley is spoiled, bratty, and awful. In the first book, those first few times Riley visited Ever she pretended that dying made her lose her voice. Riley refuses to answer questions about their parents, and Ever gets annoyed by her silence. On the other hand, Riley is jealous of Ever’s new life with their aunt Sabine; she has an amazing room and Ever’s not even appreciating it.

Despite the fact that the books suggest they argued a lot before the accident, Ever and Riley rarely argue afterwards. I guess the old saying is true—something good coming out of something bad. In this case, maybe a tragedy had to happen in the Bloom family in order for Ever and Riley to learn to get along.

I hope you enjoyed this post, and I’ll update again in a week.


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  1. Interesting post, I remember reading the first book 🙂

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