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When reading a book that’s written in the first-person narrative, the narrator—for me, at least—can really make or break the book. If the book doesn’t switch perspectives and you have a narrator you don’t like, it might make you want to stop reading the book.

Narrators are the most important characters in a book because they’re telling the story. Not liking the lead sucks, and the character might drive you crazy at times. It really sucks if you’re reading a series, and you start off liking the lead, but in the second book something happens—for example, the narrator makes a decision you don’t think is something they would do. If you have a series and you read the first book, you might really feel you know the narrator—you’d know their beliefs and whatnot—what they’d do in a bad situation, and then a bad surprise comes up.

I tend to not like boy narrator, in general, and—even though this is stereotypical—most girls I know prefer girl narrators, and vise versa.

Three of my favourite narrators are Holden Caulfield, Alice McKinley, and Virginia Shreves

Sometimes, there’ll be a book where I like the storyline and the plot but where I don’t like the narrator. The biggest example that comes to mind is Twilight. I didn’t like Bella but since I liked the storyline, I like the books. I’ve yet to discover a book where I like the narrator but not the plot.

I’ll be posting again on the twenty-first.


Comments on: "Narrators" (2)

  1. I just finished reading a book where I didn’t like the narrator (not YA friendly, so I won’t mention the title). I wasn’t really sure I liked the story line either. It was like a train wreck. You know it’s going to be bad, but you just can’t look away.

  2. I like books written in first person; I very much enjoy books where the narrator changes by chapter or section. I’ve definitely read books where the story was good but I disliked the narrator though.

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