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This topic was inspired by a comment my sister made about The Catcher In The Rye’s narrator.

These terms seem self-explanatory, but they can actually be pretty confusing. You might have a main character who has both heroic and antiheroic traits. You might not be able to label a certain character with either antihero or hero. When it’s obvious which one a character is, that’s terrific—but if you have to analyse a character for English class and it’s unclear if they’re a hero or not—well, that can suck. It can also suck if a character is both an antihero or a hero, and you have to choose one of them to write an essay about.

I think every character has a little bit of antiheroic and heroic characteristics in them, but one is stronger than the other, thus making the character a hero or an antihero.It’s almost like a science. The antiheroic and heroic characteristics have to find a way to balance each other out, but somehow one’s always dominant.

Hopefully I’ll have some books to review soon. Requests are welcome.



Comments on: "Antiheros VS. Heroes" (2)

  1. Very true, and it doesn’t get any better with literature classes in college.

  2. Good point about balance.

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