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In many books and TV shows, there are allusions. An allusion is a reference to something, usually another book or TV show. Sometimes in a book the author will mention that a main character is reading a popular (and usually dead) author, or watching a game show or a sitcom.

Allusions can be used to promote character stereotypes. If a character is a brunette and reads Shakespeare or Jane Austen, the author has put those allusions in the book to make their character seem smarter. This is usually done on purpose, but I guess it could be an accident.

Allusions can be overdone. The biggest example that comes to mind is Faking 19 by Alyson Noël. Even though I liked the book and the various allusions to famous people, they felt overdone. On the flip side, if a book mentions a character is watching a movie, you could get curious. Some writers who don’t mention other books, movies, or TV shows by name in their books name them on their websites.

This was a simple post on media allusions and I’ll have something new next week.


Comments on: "Allusions" (2)

  1. Sometimes, allusions can make me feel closer to the character. Does that ever happen for you?

  2. I like these posts about writing styles, gives me something to think about.

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