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Body Piercings

My sweet sixteen was five months ago and my present was a navel piercing. I went the day after my birthday (July 5th), and I chose a barbell with a circle at the end of it. Inside the circle is a blue gem.

For my Christmas gifts this year, I knew I wanted another piercing; I wasn’t sure where to get it at first. I wanted something visible, so I started to narrow down the potential piercing places—chin piercing remind me of zits, a nose ring would irritate my allergies, with a tongue piercing you can’t really eat anything, and a septum piercing always reminds me of a walrus, and I didn’t want to look like one. That left me with the eyebrow.

I’m not exactly sure how I told my parents I wanted another piercing, but they were soon on board with it, and said it could be one of my Xmas gifts. This was probably around September or October; I first got the idea through a book. After I read about Virginia’s piercing—the main character of the book was Virginia Shreves—I began to research eyebrow piercings. I decided I wanted a vertical piercing instead of a horizontal one; horizontal eyebrow piercings remind me of barrettes.

For piercings, there are two separate costs: the actual piercing and the jewelry you choose. Originally, I was told the piercing would happen in January, sometime after New Year’s Day. But it happened today.

My mom said we were going Xmas shopping and that I should bring my wallet, because she would give me money to get stuff. So Mom, my stepdad, and I drove to a city where there are mini malls. I thought we were going to Wal-Mart or something. We went out to eat, and in the middle of dinner my mom took a pill bottle out of her purse and said I should take the pills (I have HLHS and I have to take amoxicillin before going to the dentist and getting piercing to prevent complications). That’s when it dawned on me.

After dinner, we drove to Snakeman’s, where I had gotten my navel piercing. We signed the paper they make you signed, I showed the woman—who pierced my navel—my student ID—which is why I had to bring my wallet—and my mom showed her my birth certificate.

I got a curved barbell (silver), which I had preferred to a ring. I’d thought you had to get a ring for your first, but the woman at the counter said a barbell was recommended for your first eyebrow jewelry. The barbell is silver; I prefer silver to gold and there weren’t any gold bars anyway.

I’m very happy with my piercing, and can’t wait to go to school on Monday—a genuine first for me because I don’t like school. I didn’t tell anyone outside of my family about wanting this piercing, so my friends will be surprised. 


Comments on: "Body Piercings" (2)

  1. You’re braver than I am. Only my ears are pierced! But I do have 2 tattoos and want more.

  2. You have such cool parents 😉 Seriously though, it really looks nice on you, good choice!

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