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Title: Diary Of A Crush—Kiss and Make Up

Author: Sarra Manning

 Warnings: Spoilers (and I spill the ending)!

 DOAC—KAMU is the second book in the DOAC trilogy. Last week I reviewed the third book. I’ve gotten the second book since then, so I figured I’d review it. I actually read this book when I was about twelve, but I’d borrowed it from the public library. 

Dylan Kowalski and Edith “Edie” (Eee dee) Wheeler have finally gotten together, and although Edie knows she loves Dylan he makes things difficult. He has all these relationship rules (no pet names, don’t go to his house). Edie’s friend Shona has started dating Dylan’s friend Paul. This creates a problem because Dylan’s ex Mia wants Paul. Edie asks Dylan to talk to Mia; their “talk” goes well when Edie sees Dylan kissing Mia. She breaks up with him.

Edie spends the summer trying to forget about Dylan. This becomes especially hard for her when she realises Dylan has a new girlfriend. Her name is Veronique and she does not hide her dislike for Edie. Edie thinks she’d feel better if she has a boyfriend so she starts going out with Veronique’s brother Carter.

At her mom Alice’s suggestion, Edie gets a job at Anna’s Cafè and meets Poppy, who is another waitress there. She also meets Poppy’s shy little sister Grace. She and Poppy become good friends, but their relationship becomes strained when Carter kisses Poppy. Poppy tells Edie and at first Edie believes her, but after speaking to Carter, Edie doesn’t believe Poppy. 

Edie goes to a music festival with Poppy, Grace, Atsuko, Darby, Carter, Shona, Dylan, and Veronique. At the festival, Grace accidentally gets high on acid and gets lost; Edie eventually finds her and takes her back to a worried Poppy. Edie breaks up with Carter and gets back together with Dylan, who’s broken up with Veronique. 

I liked this book, but Carter was annoying. I really like Grace and Poppy. I would recommend this; it’s a great summer read.


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  1. my lord please help me I’ve been trying to read this book for ages but cant seem to find the right place to read it n I’m dying of jealousy right know

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