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Title: Diary Of A Crush—French Kiss

Author: Sarra Manning

Warnings: Spoilers (and I spill the ending)!

DOAC—FK is the first book in the DOAC trilogy. Two weeks ago I reviewed the third book and last week I reviewed the second book. Now I’m back to review the first book. 

Edith “Edie” Wheeler has just moved from Brighton, England to Manchester, England. Edie is sixteen and doing her A-levels at the local college. I was confused about the whole “sixteen years old and in college” thing so I Googled information about the British school system (it’s not explained in the book). All you need to know is that the college Edie is attending is equivalent to an American high-school and the A-levels are exams taken to determine what university you can attend; they are the British version of the American ACT/SAT. So Edie is basically a senior taking exams to get into college next year.

Edie feels out of place among the students and has trouble making friends, probably because she’s the newest student and possibly the youngest (everyone else is mostly eighteen and nineteen). She spots Dylan Kowalski from across the lawn at school, and immediately falls head-over-heels in love with him. She learns that he’s three years older than her, has already done his A-levels, and that he’s one of the popular boys.

Edie signs up for a Photography course where she hopes to make some friends. Edie talks to girl named Mia about Dylan, and Mia says everyone at school has a crush on him. She also talks to a girl named Shona, who’s been Dylan’s best friend since nursery school. For a project in the class, Edie gets paired up with Dylan. They go to an old abbey and Dylan kisses Edie. He then tells her it didn’t happen, which leaves Edie confused. Edie later figures that Dylan found out she had a monster crush on her, and kissed her to mess with her and make Mia jealous.

Edie’s Photography class goes to Paris for five days; that’s where the main action of the story takes place. The trip starts off bad for Edie because she has to wake up early and she’s not a morning person. It only worsens when they get to the hotel. She’s sharing a room with Mia and Shona; their room is on the fifth floor and the hotel doesn’t have an elevator. Edie gets in a fight with Mia; the fight ends when Edie throws Mia’s bag out the window. As punishment, she isn’t allowed to go to dinner with everyone else. On her way back to the hotel, Shona stops by McDonald’s and picks up a meal for Edie.

Dylan and Edie hang out in Paris, and there’s a lot of tension between them. Dylan says he’s not sure if he should go out with Edie because of the age difference and he knows she’ll get hurt. He keeps kissing her and then ignoring her. Dylan briefly considers being friends with benefits with her, but Edie doesn’t think she can handle Dylan going out with her and someone else. Edie eventually gives him an ultimatum: They can either be a couple or they can be friends.

The book ends with Dylan and Edie as a couple on the way back to England.

I really liked this book; I especially liked how they went to Paris. There’s a bit of French in the book when they’re in France. 

I’d definitely recommend this.


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  1. I remember reading this book when I was around 16! Thanks for posting about it, it brought back some great memories. What a fun read!

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