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An Explanation

Happy (very belated!!) 2013!!

Just to clear the air, I am still alive. I have several blog posts in the making, but they’re still not ready for delivery. I overheard these girls in my History class discussing my blog. One of them said, “Is Author Analysis still alive? She kinda dropped off.” Her friend said, “Yeah, she hasn’t updated since French Kiss.” I felt really bad after hearing those comments, so I thought I’d let those girls know that I am still alive, and that I am not quitting my blog.

I know that at one point, I did say something about my posting, but I’m actually embarrassed that I haven’t delivered anything in 2013 yet. I probably should have posted an explanation earlier. 

I just went on my spring break, so I promise to have something posted early or mid next week. I just have to tweak it a little bit. In case you want to check the book out before reading my review, I’ll be reviewing The Boyfriend List. 

Just wanted to explain why the shortage of postings was happening, and I hope the girls at school (and everyone else!!) understands and accepts my explanation.

In case you’re wondering what I’ve been up to since August 2012, here are the highlights:

  •  I got a tattoo—the awareness symbol for HLHS. It’s a red and blue ribbon in the shape of heart; people say it looks like a Fruit-Roll Up. (9/23/12).
  •  I (informally) changed my name. Informal means that it’s not legal; my teachers (6/7) and my friends call me by the name I prefer, but not my family. I chose Vivian. Everyone’s asking if I’m going to legally change it to Vivian when I hit 18, but I’m leaning toward “No” on that one. (6/19/12).
  • My mom made me two Eiffel Tower necklaces. One is set on an oval-shaped charm and covered in silver glitter; the other is on a rectangle charm and covered in blue glitter. 
  • I got a fave word: Ennui. It’s a French SAT word, and it’s pronounced on-wee. It means boredom. Use it in a sentence. Example: I experience random bouts of ennui. 

Good luck and good night!!



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  1. Very happy to see your post and update; very much looking forward to more posts from you 🙂

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